Jennifer and K-Jen Web Design

show dog website designer jennifer workman and her golden retriever kim
I am Jennifer Workman and this is my golden retriever, Kim. While I'm designing websites, Kim keeps my feet warm and helps with my creativity.

I grew up in the San Francisco Bay Area and graduated with a degree in Gerontology from CSU, Chico. This was a decade before the Internet and Websites were made public. In 1994 my interests and world changed dramatically when I viewed my first website. I was fascinated by World Wide Web and wanted to learn all about it.

By the late 1990's I taught myself how to design a very simple website so I could show the world my golden retrievers (another life changing event). Throughout the years I continued learning on my own, but didn't consider web design as a career, just a hobby. In 2007 I became serious about a career in web design after friends and friends of friends asked me to design their websites. With that, I went back to college to learn the various aspects of web design, development and began a new career.

I have clients throughout the United States and offer all types of web design. Although most of my clients are in the dog area of business, I do have several clients, whose businesses are in other industries, including art, real estate and boat repair. Whatever the business, I educate myself in the industry, so I am able to design a website that encompasses the important aspects of the business, looks attractive and has the proper search engine optimization.

Lastly, I am very easy to work with, communicate well, and once the website is complete, the client is not forgotten. If changes need to be made, I almost always complete them within 24 hours and at the most 2 days.

Please contact me and we can discuss if I'm a good fit for you: info@kjenwebdesign.com.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Jennifer Workman