What clients are saying.

"Jennifer Workman created a beautiful and easy to navigate website showcasing my dogs and telling my story. I sent her information a piece a time as my busy schedule allowed. She easily guided me through the process and always picked up where we left off, immediately and cheerfully.
I love my website and working with a person with Jennifer’s expertise and patience was a perfect match for me. I will recommend her for website development at every opportunity."

Pamela E. Ginn, DVM
Diplomate ACVP, Anatomic Pathology
Kestrel Farm Goldens
"I am being inundated with inquiries for puppies (you have done an amazing job) - when previously I never heard anything based on the website. I already am developing a list for future litters!"

Lara Runger
Xanadu Goldens
"When I decided to change web hosting services, I went to Jennifer for help. She was able to take my website and make improvements based on her experiences. She now manages my website and will continue to do so when I plan to make major changes in the next year."

Patty McEwen
Lakebound Goldens
"I have used K-Jen Web-site since 2007 with 100% satisfaction. Jen is very creative in her initial development and suggestions for web-site formation and is then open to any suggestions or requests in updates. She initiates contact asking periodically if you are in need of any adjustments, and when something is requested it is completed often the same day even if it involves major changes. Not being technologically savvy, I must be reliant on someone that knows this business well, and Jen is just the person I was looking for!"

Susan Nation
Lyric Goldens
"I have used Jennifer's web design service for years. She is competent, affordable, and has a fast turn-around time. Because of this, I will happily continue to use her service."

Debra Miller
Zest Goldens